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Big Changes to Our Disputes Policies

Resolving disputes hasn’t always been easy, and you made it clear it needed to change. Your feedback triggered many policy enhancements that will enable simpler disputes management and fewer Chargebacks.

In fact, Small Merchants saw a reduction of approximately 11% in disputes and have saved over $5MM in Chargebacks during the first 3 months after all of the disputes policy enhancements made by American Express in 2016 went into effect1.

Redispute Limitation

The number of times a dispute can be raised on the same charge will be limited to two (2) in most cases.

Chargeback Timeframe Reduction

Now, in most cases,2 you may see significantly fewer Chargebacks 120 days after the Transaction date.

Fewer low-dollar-amount Chargebacks

We reduced the number of low-dollar Chargebacks you see.

No more missing-
signature Chargebacks

You will no longer see Chargebacks for missing signature on Card Member fraud claims, but we still require that you capture signature.

OptBlue Disputes Policy

Did You Know?

One of the most common reasons for a dispute is the Card Member not recognizing a charge on their statement. Let’s confirm your business information is accurate and recognizable to your customers.

Update Info
1 Based on a comparison of American Express US disputes data during the period from Dec 2015 to Feb 2016 versus during the period from Dec 2016 to Feb 2017 for merchants whose annual American Express net charge volume is typically under $5MM.
2 Except for these disputes categories: 1. Goods/services not received. 2. Goods/services returned/canceled. 3. Redisputes. In these instances, the timeframe can extend slightly.